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Since our inception, Yunus & Susek has been focused on giving strategic, quality legal services.
Our people form a dynamic team of highly driven, innovative and experienced lawyers from different backgrounds with various areas of specialty.
This diverse array of practice specialization from each member of our team ensures that we would be able to provide our clients with a cost effective, well rounded scope of legal services with the attention to detail that is hallmark of a boutique firm.
Tisya Yunus and Aloysius Cornelius Susek were formerly practicing law in established legal firms and they bring between them a wealth of years of legal experience. They decided to pursue a lifelong dream of setting up a legal practice so as to allow them to dedicate their time and to focus on more specialised areas of practice which they individually excel in. The individual areas of practice of our partners complement each other making Yunus & Susek an all rounded practice.
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